Swiss Miniature

If you want to have an overview of Switzerland and spend a nice time in a wonderful region, do not miss Swissminiatur, an exciting place and a must see attraction for everyone visiting Switzerland.  In an area of 14,000 m2 visitors can admire more than 120 models at scale of 1:25 which represent the most important buildings, monuments and transportation means in Switzerland. A 3,560m long model railway with 18 trains runs through the park. It is fascinating to watch the variety of trains that run along the tracks, cross bridges and stop by at stations. Boats are also in motion on the lakes, cable cars and funiculars go up and down the mountains and cars move along the highway.

For garden lovers, the whole park is beautifully decorated with a selection of 1,500 different plants and over 15,000 flowers. There are several coin operated rides for children.

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Swissminiature - Ticino

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May 28

A night to remember. Fresh cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Visti the lakes by boat



What about a boat tour?

Choose one of the lakes: lake Maggiore, lake Lugano, Lake Como or lake Orta

and take a boat tour to admire all the fabulous locations, villas, old towns and islands. The choice is yours, what do you love most? The fascinating history of the Borromeo Family? The mystic charm of the island of silence? The elegant restaurants of Bellagio? The rustic charm of the Grotti Ticinesi? Anything is possible in our beautiful region! 

or a visit at a historic Villa...

Dive into history and discover the fascinating past of

Villa della Porta Bozzolo in the Varese reagion

Villa Carlotta on lake Como

The beautiful gardens of Villa Taranto on lake Maggiore

Villa Monastero in Varenna

Parco Scherrer and its greek temple on lake Lugano

Villa Borghi in Varano Borghi



Sacro Monte di Varese:

The Sacro Monte di Varese is a religious complex built on the mount of Velate between 1604 and 1698 and composed by 14 Chapels, the Shrine and the Crypt. Its aim was to spread the Catholic faith to local people as a way of combating the growing influence of the protestant reformation.

2 km pilgrims’ trail with 14 chapels dedicated to the mysteries of the Rosary leads to the top of the Sacro Monte. Access to the chapels path is gained by a paved road (via Conventino), which is also an alternative route to the pedestrian pilgrims’ trail. At the end of the trail you will reach the village of Santa Maria del Monte, that offers an amazing panoramic view. There you will also find a couple of restaurants.

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Via Crucis of Sacro Monte di Varese

So... you are thinking of visiting the Northern Italian lakes... Or maybe you already booked your holiday. Well, here is your absolute essential list of things to see, to do and not to miss.

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